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Why Certain Leaders are Meant for Certain Companies & How Integrity Plays a Large Part in Success

Certain leaders and certain companies are attracted to each other like magnets. Is there a reason that some of the most successful companies have a great leader at the helm? What is the reason for these companies and leaders to attract to one another? At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell has been at the helm of our ship. He has successfully steered us in the right direction. What are some of the attributes of great leaders like Chuck McDowell?

Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell: A Great Business Leader

Wesley Group Financial - Business Hand ShakeWhen we think of great business leaders, quite a few great leaders come to mind: John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford. Chuck McDowell is the CEO & President of Wesley Financial Group. Since 1989, Wesley Financial Group has successfully helped scores of individuals overcome timeshare fraud. At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell has been a major factor in our success. It is essential to have a strong leader that can be a driving force for a company’s success.

The terrific attributes of Chuck McDowell led him to be the CEO & President of Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell remains a constant and positive force in Wesley Financial, and integrity is one of his strong suits. In an article from The Economist, writer Terri Williams discusses the importance of integrity for leaders in a company by exploring a survey:

“According to a survey by Robert Half Management Resources, both employees and C-suite leaders place a high premium on integrity among executives…While both employees and CFOs rated integrity as the most essential leadership trait, a greater percentage of employees considered it the top quality in an executive. Such results were no surprise to Tim Hird, executive director of the firm that ran the survey. “People want to work for those who are ethical,” he explained. “They know that if their leader acts with integrity, that leader will treat them right and do what’s best for the business.”” (Williams, n.d.).

Here, Williams points out how a recent survey shows how employees and CFOs value integrity in their leaders. Furthermore, it is interesting to note something else that was highlighted by the Executive Director of the survey, Tim Hird. The article continues, “In fact, Hird says that leaders with integrity actually strengthen the business. “Companies with strong, ethical management teams enhance their ability to attract investors, customers and talented professionals,” explains Hird, adding that ethical behavior starts at the top and allows companies to create a culture that values integrity.” (Williams, n.d.) As we can see from the article, integrity is a trait of great business leaders that can enhance the success of a company. At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell possesses such integrity. Since 1989, our company has successfully helped many people escape the trap of timeshare fraud.

The article continues to discuss why it is important for leaders to possess integrity, and how that can help the relationship between employees and their leader. “So, leaders need to realize that their words, actions, decisions and methodologies help to create the company’s true values and its culture. To help understand how leaders shape organizational behavior, we reached out to David M. Long, assistant professor of Organizational Behavior at the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary. According to Long, there are just three key pillars of a leader’s trustworthiness – and integrity is one of the three. “Followers determine how trustworthy a leader is based on their ability, their benevolence and their integrity,” he claims. “Followers are willing to be vulnerable in a good way to leaders they trust and are more inclined to be satisfied with and committed to them.” (Williams, n.d.) Chuck McDowell continues to be the captain at the helm of Wesley Financial Group’s ship, and our company continues to successfully help many people who are the victims of timeshare fraud. One of the reasons Chuck McDowell is such a great leader is his steadfast integrity.

The article further examines how integral integrity is: “The link between integrity and trust cannot be overestimated in the leader-employee relationship. At the end of the day, Long says executive leaders are judged on character and competence. “Character includes integrity and signals if the leader is friend or foe.” (Williams, n.d.). Most of us know that integrity is an admirable attribute, but not something that everyone possesses. It is interesting to see how important integrity plays in the scope of businesses as well. Beyond everyday living, integrity is essential in our workplaces as well as in our private lives.

Williams continues to explain in the article how helpful it is for integrity to exist in the workplace, particularly with leaders. Integrity is something that everyone appreciates, and the article showcases how great it is for businesses as well. “Long agrees with Hird that when employees believe their leader has integrity, they associate this trait with kindness and having good intentions as opposed to selfish motives. “Competence then signals if the leader has the ability to act on their character,” he says. “A leader who has integrity and competence is a very valuable asset to organizations, and over time tends to be more effective that a leader who lacks these two traits.” (Williams, n.d.). Again, it is emphasized how important integrity is for a leader to possess. A leader that possesses integrity can enhance a company, and of course, build better relationships with employees. At Wesley Financial Group, our company functions in the best and smoothest way possible, so that we can be of utmost assistance to our clients. With a leader like Chuck McDowell, we are able to push forward to help end timeshare fraud.

Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell: A Leader with Integrity

Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell go hand-in-hand together like peanut butter and jelly. They work perfectly and in unison. Some leaders are born for certain businesses and Chuck McDowell was born to run Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell possesses many wonderful attributes, and one of them is his steadfast integrity. He continues to lead our company in a positive direction so that we can help as many people as possible. Countless people are taken advantage of by the timeshare industry, and our aim at Wesley Financial Group is to be there for those who are the victims of timeshare fraud.Wesley Group Financial - Chuck McDowell

As leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we make it our business to help those who have been taken advantage of by timeshare companies. If you have been duped in a timeshare, contact our offices to see if we can help you. If you were deceived in your timeshare, we can help you reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare altogether. Integrity is something that is greatly lacking in some places and with some people, but at Wesley Financial Group it is one of our strong suits. Reach out to our offices if you have any questions about how we may be able to help you.

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