Duped in a Timeshare & Now Avoiding New Scams: Fixing Timeshare Problems With The Assistance of Wesley Financial

Dealing with timeshare fraud can be like trying to get through a difficult maze. It seems never-ending and you may not be sure if you’re headed in the right direction. Furthermore, you need to avoid any new scams that try to get you to “resell” your timeshare. With all this at your feet, it’s hard to sort through what can help you, and what you need to avoid. At Wesley Financial, we’ve helped many people in your exact situation. Wesley Financial has been in business since 1989, and as leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we’re very familiar with what you’ve had to go through.

Kafkaesque Timeshare Drama

When trying to get yourself out of timeshare deception on your own, the task can seem almost insurmountable. It can get you feeling like the main character in Franz Kafka’s “The Castle”. This classic novel is sometimes revered and sometimes reviled. You’re experience with timeshare deception might be very similar to what the main character faces in Franz Kafka’s classic novel. Many are familiar with “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. Kafka’s classic “The Castle” can make you feel exhausted while reading it, just like you feel when you are dealing with the aftermath of timeshare deception. You can feel the frustration that the lead character, the protagonist, experiences in the novel. It might be a lot like what you’ve experienced by getting put off or delayed all the time when all you want are answers. In “The Castle” you’re there with the lead character K. as he is denied again and again when he’s trying to get answers and speak to someone with more power. He gets so close, but it is never close enough. Kafka’s “The Castle” epitomizes bureaucracy that has gone too far; bureaucracy that is unreachable, frustrating, mismanaged, the list goes on. “The Castle” can also been used as an example of what many people experience when dealing with timeshare scams, particularly when they are trying to rectify a bad experience.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

When you’ve been scammed in a timeshare, you may have tried to resolve the situation on your own with no avail. Trying to get through to timeshare companies when you have been defrauded by them is an arduous task. It’s hard to figure out what companies can truly help you. It’s like separating the wheat from the chaff. You know you should seek out help, but you don’t want to fall victim to new scams. A new scam in the timeshare industry is the timeshare resale scam.

Timeshare scams can seemingly take forever to fix. Now there is another timeshare scam to watch out for, which an article in Consumer Reports titled, “Timeshare resale scams” explores. According to the article in Consumer Reports, “Buying a timeshare vacation rental has often been fraught with fraud. Now scammers are targeting owners who want to sell.” The article continues, “The basic “timeshare resale” fraudWesley Group Financial - Wheat Scenery works like this: Scammers target likely sellers of timeshares with the promise that they either have a buyer ready to purchase your timeshare or the assurance that they can sell it. All you need to do is pay an upfront fee—usually via a wire transfer—to cover closing costs, services, taxes, timeshare maintenance or other fees. Unfortunately, once you send the money, no sale, rental or purchase is completed, and the scammer disappears with hundreds—even thousands—of dollars.” (Fredman, 2015).

Hearing about this new scam is a warning. If you’ve been defrauded in a timeshare, if deceptive sales tactics were used on you, then you should reach out to Wesley Financial. We would gladly to talk in detail with you about your story. If we don’t think that we can help you with your particular timeshare problem, then we will let you know. The article in Consumer Reports also warns, “The scam doesn’t always stop there. A second fraudulent business may then contact the victimized owner offering to help recover the money lost in the first scam for yet another fee. As with the first scam, no money is recovered, and telephone calls and emails are unanswered.” (Fredman, 2015). As with anything, it is important to stay vigilant when you are looking for assistance. Usually you can sense when something isn’t right about a business.

The article continues to discuss how these new timeshare scams are attacking people. “A recent variation of the scam preys on owners of vacation timeshares in Mexico. The California Department of Real Estate warns:

“The fraudsters use the names of companies (some of which have professional-  looking but usually phony websites, fancy-sounding titles and addresses, and purport to be escrow, timeshare resale, finance, and/or title service businesses) and individuals in California, and many purport to work with Mexican government officials… It appears that a number of the scammers are or have engaged in identity theft and are representing themselves as actual California real estate licensees. In those cases, the criminals will use an actual real estate broker’s name and license number in an attempt to legitimize the transaction. When the timeshare owner victim calls the broker’s number, which has been provided via email, phone call, postal mail, or on the website that has been created to complete the fraud, the voice of the supposed broker is actually the voice of the scammer.”

Another version, which has been growing in popularity, has the scammer offering to act as an intermediary for a buyer in Mexico (or elsewhere in Latin America) who wants to purchase property in the United States in order to facilitate obtaining an American visa. All the seller has to do is wire a transaction fee…. You know the rest.” (Fredman, 2015).

Wesley Financial

Wesley Group Financial - Happy BusinessmanAt Wesley Financial, we’ve seen a lot of timeshare scams since 1989. As we stated earlier, it’s important to stay vigilant, and watch out for such scams stated above. If you’ve been a victim of deceptive sales tactics used by the timeshare industry, watch out for these timeshare resale scams. They are not the answer to your problem. Contact Wesley Financial if you are looking to reduce your level of ownership in your timeshare or cancel your timeshare because you have been defrauded. If you’ve have been tricked into purchasing a timeshare or upgrading your level of ownership, you shouldn’t have to “deal with it” or “live with it”. You were unfairly duped. Wesley Financial can be the assistance you’ve been looking for, especially if you’ve been experiencing Kafkaesque timeshare drama. Separating the wheat from the chaff or sorting out the good companies from the bad ones, can be difficult too. Don’t think that you need to suffer in silence. At Wesley Financial, we can talk through your options with you, and let you know what bright future is possible for you. If we don’t think that we can successfully help you in your timeshare dilemma, we will let you know immediately. You can count on Wesley Financial to be the honest, straightforward, and caring company that you’ve been searching for.

Fredman, Catherine. (June 13, 2015). Timeshare resale scams. www.consumerreports.com, https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/06/timeshare-resale-scams/index.htm