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We all face challenges in life. Some of us face timeshare fraud. With Wesley Financial, any obstacles you face due to timeshare fraud can be a thing of the past. Timeshare fraud can cause a lot of issues, and no one knows this better than those who have been taken advantage of by a timeshare company. In an article featured on Forbes.com, contributor Terry Bradberry discusses “7 Challenges that Successful People Overcome”. We’ll take a look at 5 of the 7, and see how they are relevant to what people overcoming timeshare fraud should consider.

Success with Wesley Financial: Complaints Evaporate

Bradberry begins his article on how successful people overcome obstacles, “It’s truly fascinating how successful people approach problems. Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome. Their confidence in the face of hardship is driven by the ability to let go of the negativity that holds so many otherwise sensible people back. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania has studied this phenomenon more than anyone else has, and he’s found that success in life is driven by one critical distinction—whether you believe that your failures are produced by personal deficits beyond your control or that they are mistakes you can fix with effort.” (Bradberry, 2015).

At Wesley Financial, complaints about your timeshare problems evaporate as we fight to get your timeshare cancelled. Once you’ve contacted us, you can focus more on considering what Bradberry proposes. Bradberry continues, “Success isn’t the only thing determined by your mindset. Seligman has found much higher rates of depression in people who attribute their failures to personal deficits. Optimists fare better; they treat failure as learning experiences and believe they can do better in the future. This success mindset requires emotional intelligence (EQ).” (Bradberry, 2015).

Bradberry follows through this idea by listing 7 challenges that successful people overcome. We are going to take a look at 5, and how they relate to a mindset victims of timeshare fraud should consider once they’ve contacted us at Wesley Financial. Complaints about timeshare issues can be stopped if you’ve come to us for help. With our 100% proven success rate, we can help you beat timeshare problems. We are a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry, and we’d like to see you focus on the important things in life rather than worry about your timeshare woes. Let’s take a look at Bradberry’s article.


Bradberry states, “Age really is just a number. Successful people don’t let their age define who they are and what they are capable of.” (Bradberry, 2015). This is very true. If you have been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, don’t let your age stop you from fighting back. With the help of Wesley Financial, complaints you tell us about your experience with timeshare fraud can assist us in our fight for you.

“What Other People Think”

The article continues, “When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from comparing yourself to others, you are no longer the master of your own destiny. While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to hold up your accomplishments to anyone else’s, and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within. Successful people know that caring about what other people think is a waste of time and energy. When successful people feel good about something that they’ve done, they don’t let anyone’s opinions take that away from them.” (Bradberry, 2015). If you’ve been taken for a ride by a timeshare company, you shouldn’t feel bad. Importantly, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others as Bradberry suggests. Your individual story is unique to you. If you were duped in a timeshare, you can’t control that you were taken advantage of by a business that you thought you could trust. Feel good about reaching out for help, and how you can be an example to others on how move forward and overcome obstacles with timeshare fraud.

“Toxic People”

 timeshares are toxic let wesley financial group helpBradberry states, “Just as great people help you to reach your full potential, toxic people drag you right down with them. Whether it’s negativity, cruelty, the victim syndrome, or just plain craziness, toxic people create stress and strife that should be avoided at all costs. If you’re unhappy with where you are in your life, just take a look around. More often than not, the people you’ve surrounded yourself with are the root of your problems.” (Bradberry, 2015). If you are doing something about timeshare fraud with Wesley Financial, then you’re moving in the right direction. If not, consider contacting us so we can help you out of a timeshare mess due to fraud. Don’t let anyone hold you back from eradicating your timeshare woes for good.


Next, Bradberry takes a look at fear. “Fear is nothing more than a lingering emotion that’s fueled by your imagination. Danger is real. It’s the uncomfortable rush of adrenaline you get when you almost step in front of a bus. Fear is a choice. Successful people know this better than anyone does, so they flip fear on its head. They are addicted to the euphoric feeling they get from conquering their fears. Don’t ever hold back in life just because you feel scared.” (Bradberry, 2015). Don’t let fear prevent you from doing something about your timeshare issues. Contact us so we can fight for you. If we are already working on your situation, then relax. Nothing can be achieved by worry or fear, and you can rest assured that we are doing our utmost to help you.


Wesley Financial can help remove negativity Bradberry continues the discussion with negativity. “Life won’t always go the way you want it to, but when it comes down to it, you have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else does. Successful people make their time count. Instead of complaining about how things could have been or should have been, they reflect on everything they have to be grateful for. Then they find the best solution available, tackle the problem, and move on. When the negativity comes from someone else, successful people avoid it by setting limits and distancing themselves from it.” (Bradberry, 2015). If you’ve been able to contact us, you can let any fear subside about your timeshare issues. Any negativity about timeshare fraud that that may have been permeating your life can dissipate. This means shedding any negative thoughts about your timeshare problems as well.

“The Past or the Future”

The article continues, “Like fear, the past and the future are products of your mind. No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. Successful people know this, and they focus on living in the present moment. It’s impossible to reach your full potential if you’re constantly somewhere else, unable to fully embrace the reality (good or bad) of this very moment.” (Bradberry, 2015). When people come to us with their timeshare problems, we want them to focus on the present. If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, you can’t change what happened. The past is done. If you’ve contacted us to cancel your contract and we are taking care of it for you, then you know that the future is taken care of in a good way. That leaves us with the present. When you don’t have to focus on the past or the future of timeshare issues anymore, you can be fully immersed in the now. If you haven’t already contacted us, reach out so we can help you at Wesley Financial. Complaints about timeshare fraud can disappear with us, and you can focus on being a success.

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We’ve taken a look at 5 out of 7 points that Bradberry makes in his article about “challenges that successful people overcome.” When you have someone fighting to cancel your timeshare due to fraud, you can focus on being the success that you are. Remember that everyone faces obstacles, but it is up to you to decide how you are going to deal with them. When it comes to timeshare fraud, come to Wesley Financial. Reach out to us at Wesley Financial. Complaints you have about timeshare problems can disappear.

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