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Refuse to settle. Ask for the extraordinary in life. In every generation there are illustrious men and women who change things for the better. When we look a little deeper, we also find out about great women and men that kept an industry afloat, created masterpieces, contributed to science, or saved an entire area. All it takes is one little spark of ingenuity to set the flame of enlightenment afire. When we think about the greatest artists that ever lived, Michelangelo, Leonard Da Vinci – we see that they were commissioned for the some of the greatest artworks of all time during the Renaissance in Italy. In the same area of the world, it is said that the naval ports and trading between Pisa, North Africa, and Spain contributed to the introduction of Arabic numerals in Italy. This in turn helped Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonnaci), a Pisan citizen, expand upon the Fibonnaci sequence. It is said that the Arabic numerals that were introduced at this time period may have helped the Italian banking system lay the foundations for the basics of accounting that we still use in today’s world.

In Krakow, Poland, the discovery of salt mines deep in the earth led to a vibrant salt industry that fueled the Medieval Polish Kingdom for many years. Krakow became a hub for sought after salt. As a result, it flourished. The flourishing of Krakow’s economy led to more money for a University, where great minds such as Nicholas Copernicus went to study. Copernicus became the father of the theory of heliocentricity, or that the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than the other way around. What do great naval ports in early Renaissance Italy, and salt mines in Medieval Krakow have to with today’s world? Well, it goes to show that sometimes it takes a little change or spark to make an area blossom, and in turn help others blossom as well.

The creation of the timeshare cancellation industry is an answer to problems that have arisen in today’s world. As leaders in the timeshare cancellation industry, we try to contribute to current solutions that are needed in today’s world. Someone needs to fight to help those who are taken advantage of, and we’re here to answer the call. At Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell is our President & CEO. His journey inspires everyone at Wesley Financial to strive for greatness. We hope to be the change and spark that stops timeshare fraud for good.

In the timeshare cancellation industry, we find that there are many people who are unfairly taken advantage of by timeshare companies. It saddens us to hear about all the deception that is committed by certain timeshare companies in order to get innocent consumers to sign to the dotted line. We don’t want our clients to settle for the deception that was handed to them. Let us fight timeshare fraud for you. If you need some additional inspiration, let’s look at an article that talks about refusing to settle.

Don’t Settle

at Wesley Financial group we don't settleIn an article written by Dr. Cannon Thomas, he explores why we shouldn’t settle. This resonates with us at Wesley Financial. Chuck McDowell strives for the extraordinary and not to settle. He faced those who attempted to keep him away from the timeshare cancellation industry, by taking him to court. He won. Now, at Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell is our President & CEO.

Dr. Thomas begins his article by talking about Steve Jobs. Dr. Thomas states, “Steve Jobs told us not to settle: You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers… The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle… Like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” (Thomas, 2017). These are the words of Steve Jobs that Dr. Thomas focuses on. With good reason, they are inspirational to everyone. At Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell and our team aspire to do the best work possible for our clients. Victims of timeshare fraud have had it hard enough, and we want them to have things as smooth as possible now that they have us by their side.


Dr. Thomas’s article continues to explore and inspire, “Jobs’ vision was that we could and should expect more. From our vantage point, his perspective may look like that of a talented man lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. From his perspective, however, his path seemed like a natural way for people to live. Could we really not just love but be in love with our work? Could our vision become deeper and richer over time, as we progressed into our careers? Perhaps we could, if we felt ourselves making real progress with work we felt deeply was great and if we felt how it mattered to the world.” (Thomas, 2017). At Wesley Financial, we don’t want our clients to settle with the hand they’ve been dealt. If you have been duped in a timeshare, you can beat it with our help. Don’t settle.

Wesley Financial group inspirationDr. Thomas states, “One of the most striking aspects of research on human achievement is just how much we tend to remain on the surface of what is possible. Settling, it turns out, is built into the way we approach our world. Anders Ericsson, a leading researcher on expertise and expert performance, has shown that the normal path in most human endeavors is to become competent enough that we are not immediately aware of blatant limitations (usually about a year) and then not to improve after that. We continue to become more confident in our skills and abilities over the subsequent years, but we do not improve according to any objective standards…We have a bias to believe, in Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s term, “What You See Is All There Is.” Once we have a way of doing things, we fail to notice or correct for the fact that there may be many more effective possibilities. So we stop growing.” (Thomas, 2017). At Wesley Financial, we strive to continue to blossom. We want to be there for those in need, and we will not stop until timeshare fraud has stopped for good.

The article takes a hopeful turn, and reminds us that there are people who continue to strive for the best. “But it is not inevitable. Ericsson’s research is focused on how people overcome these barriers. He has shown that some people continue to learn and develop for years after most stop. These are the people who reach the tops of their fields. They spend their time differently than people who just continue to work and perform. They spend much of it in what he calls deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is pretty much what it sounds like – concentrated efforts to improve specific skills by practicing them with feedback until we are able to achieve a better result. It is, in a sense, the perfect antidote to “What You See Is All There Is.” You are forcing yourself to confront the discrepancy between what you can currently achieve and something more that might be possible.” (Thomas, 2017). Our team at Wesley Financial continually strives to provide the best care possible for our clients. We won’t stop fighting timeshare fraud until timeshare fraud ceases to exist. At Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell and our team don’t want our clients to settle for anything less than the best. If you have been duped in a timeshare, you should be able to get out of that timeshare mess.

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Dr. Thomas continues to discuss how we can achieve greatness in his article. His article continues on, and begins as an inspiration as to why it matters to strive for greatness. He further lists steps that may help people. At Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell and our team strive to provide the utmost care for our clients. Today, we are a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry. At Wesley Financial, Chuck McDowell and our team can help you overcome timeshare fraud. We’ll do the hard work for you. All you need to do is contact us. Put your mind at ease. Refuse to settle. Contact us today.

Thomas, Ph.d.,Cannon. (April 3, 2017). A Practical Guide to No Settling.,